Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Database of ObGyns who offer misoprostol for treatment of miscarriage

As I've mentioned before, in some countries there are not many ObGyns who offer misoprostol (Cytotec) for treating missed or incomplete miscarriages. This is unfortunate because it is known to be effective and does not carry the risks and potential complications such as infertility that standard care D&C does.

All women should be given a choice in the treatment of their own bodies, provided that their decision does not put their own life at risk.

Therefore I'm putting together a database of Obgyns from all over the world who do offer women the choice of medical management (eg. misoprostol/cytotec, mifepristone) so that women will have a resource if they find themselves in need.

If you are either a patient who has been treated with drugs for managing miscarriage, or a doctor who believes in a patient's right to choose and are experienced in the use of medical management of miscarriage, please contact me on:


Thank you.

Note to Doctors: Let me know if you have any concerns about having your names made public. I can always keep the database private and offer the names of doctors in specific areas confidentially to those who request it.

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