Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Steps in the right direction

Since first starting this blog in 2009, medical management of miscarriage has become more accessible in Australia. To my knowledge, the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital routinely offers medical management as an alternative to surgical and expectant management. The Royal Hospital for Women also mentions it as one the services it provides (link to protocol). Also, during a course I took as part of my degree, lectures by fertility specialists have included the topic of intrauterine adhesions/Asherman’s syndrome and the use of medical management for miscarriage. A study on the prevalence of IUA after repeat curettage (D&C) has been awarded funding by the Australasian Gynaecological Endoscopy Society. These are all positive steps, and signs that the condition and medical management of miscarriage are gaining awareness. Of course, further awareness by the public and non-specialist doctors is still necessary, that is why this site exists. I will no longer be blogging except to complete older posts, but this site will continue to be available as a source of information for clinicians, patients and all women faced with a decision about whether to undergo a D&C or those who are experiencing symptoms of IUA and are looking for an answer.
Good bye and good luck.