Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Articles on Asherman's syndrome: Reproductive outcomes and Obstetric complications

The final section on references to peer-reviewed publications on Asherman's syndrome have been uploaded under pages (please see relevant tab above or click here). It includes case reports, studies and reviews of reproductive outcomes (pregnancy rates, live birth rates), obstetric complications in women with a past history of Asherman's syndrome (e.g. placenta accreta, IUGR etc.), as well as in women who have untreated intrauterine adhesions at the time of pregnancy. I also included some articles on fertility complications in women who have had Asherman's syndrome, such as thin endometrium. I will continue updating all pages with new articles when they are published. I also intend to add other articles such as those on stem cells, uterine transplantation, hysteroscopy, treatment of thin endometrium, and general articles on misoprostol and the risks of D&C, so stay tuned.